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How Natural Dyes are Better than Synthetic Dyes

Humans have been dyeing since our ancient ancestors first covered themselves in the leaves and animal skins they had lying around them. In those days, all the dye they had was animal guts and dirt. We have thankfully evolved passed such ineffective and limited color options found in those dark days. Ever since humans first looked at their bland and drab strips of cloth, they imagined the possibility of color. At QQ Studio, adding color to life is our prime directive. With the countless color an

How to Collect and Store Rainwater

How to Collect and Store Rainwater Americans spend $16 billion per year on bottled water. According to the International Bottled Water Association, the average cost of bottled water is $1.27 per gallon or $1.11 per gallon. Bottled water is around 400 times more costly than tap water. That is a lot of money to spend on something that you can get free. When I say free, I am not referring to the stuff that comes out of your sink. Tap water costs money if you're paying for water, plumbing, rent, a

How to Dehydrate Fruits, Vegetables and Meats for Long Term Storage

While fresh food is the standard for quality, preserved food has its place. When you remove all the moisture from food, you can stretch its shelf life exponentially. Human beings have been drying foods through much of recorded history, with evidence dating back to 12,000 B.C. The reason for this is clear; it lets limited food stocks last longer, and it can even transform the food into something completely new. Sure, everyone loves a juicy steak, but beef jerky is great too. Although dehydration

How to Package and Store Your CBD Products So they Last Longer

CBD oil is a versatile chemical that comes in a variety of forms. The concentrated oil of the marijuana plant is useful for reducing anxiety and aiding in various other bodily processes. In every form that CBD comes in, the product is at risk of degrading in quality and reducing effectiveness. To ensure that your customers receive a quality product, you need to consider the storage and packaging of your CBD products. Any organic product, especially one using perishable ingredients, has a finite

How to Package Dried Cannabis

The Best Bags for Dried Cannabis Storage Dried cannabis is at first glance a simple product, but when this plant is placed under the microscope a network of complexities can be seen. On close examination, you will find that cannabis is a delicate and fragile product that can be easily damaged through improper handling. This blog will provide a list of our recommended storage bags for dried cannabis products. The cannabis plant has what are called trichomes. The trichomes are defined as the “fi

Most Important Tips for Cold Weather Camping

It may sound crazy, but people enjoy camping in freezing weather. Why? Maybe they enjoy waking up on snow-capped mountains with a steaming cup of coffee. The mug warming their frozen fingers as the steam dances up and floats away. Maybe they cherish the stillness and blanket of white that only can be found in frost blanketed winter forests. On the other hand, they may be masochists and enjoy being cold and wet. In any case, cold weather camping has an appeal for some folk. If you find yourself i

The Truth about Biodegradable Packaging

What You Need to Know about Biodegradable Packaging Many recent studies have shown that consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the environmental impacts of their purchases. One of the biggest concerns comes from the packaging. Consumers are expressing a desire for product packaging that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In response, companies are findings ways to appease these desires by converting to biodegradable packaging. However, how feasible is it to switch t

Labels vs. Custom Printed Packaging, A List of Pros and Cons

Labels vs. Custom Printing, What You Need to Know about Each The items you sell are only one-half of the total product you are offering. The other half is the packaging that the item goes into. However, you can’t just stick your products into unmarked packaging bags because no one will know what’s stored inside. You need some way to add your brand information and logo to the exterior of the packaging. You have two options: labels or custom printed packaging. How do you know which you should use